My VW Life

I saw my first Ghia Convertible for sale in High school before I bought my '73 Beetle and I was drooling all the way home and back again with my dad to take a look.

It had already sold by the time we got there. I knew this was the car for me so when this sweet 1970 convertible found me at an opportune time, I scooped her up.

And it was an 'Auto Stick shift'. Not the most popular amongst a lot of VW heads, but I loved it! Great conversation piece and fun to drive. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

But then tragedy struck. I managed a pizza delivery joint in college to pay my way through and got stuck running the last delivery of the night.

Sitting on the down slope just beyond the crest of a hill. I was slammed by a drunk doing 60 in a 35 mph zone as he flew over the top of the hill.

My Baby!

After some back and forth haggling with my insurance company I finally came out with what I could barely replace the car with, but try finding another Ghia Convertible on the spot.

I had to settle for can be a bitch huh?

Yup, that's right, A 1957 rag top sunroof and an eerily familiar looking 1973 Beetle. Sold the '73 to my little brother shortly afterward.

Not easy finding an Oval on the spot either, but this one I had seen for sale when I was in high school and on a whim I drove back home and by the guys house on a chance it was still there. I wasn't surprised when I didn't see it thru the garage windows where it sat everyday on my way home from school. I about shit my pants though when I turned the corner and saw a familiar shape covered by a blue tarp wedged between two trees. She started right up and I had laid claim. 20 years later and I still own her today.

My little brother is pretty little. It took one hell of a booster seat.

My brother did eventually grow bigger, so he needed something with a little more leg room...


Soon I would graduate from college and make a decision to transplant myself back to the magnificent Northwest where my heart had always been. But I needed something to lug my worldly belongings in...

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