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This feature looks at some ads with the same titles that were run in multiple countries but the photos were modified to better serve the audience.

Notice the lack of hand turn signal in the German version of this ad.

Same ad, just reverse photo.

The '65 German ad pictues a used Beetle while the '66 US ad features a new but early Beetle.

In the US ad the child has been airbrushed out. I guess Americans probably would have got too caught up in trying to figure out which of his 34 wives was her mother.

This Canadian ad really helped the Canadians understand there was a difference between a Super Beetle and a Beetle. Most Americans still don't now the differences.

While the Americans were enamurated with the 'Hippie' generation, the Canadians had already moved on to the 'Souped-Up' generation.

Ads were both run in 1962. I am not sure what the calculation base is since the first VW in the US was in '49.

The US ad on the right was run in '61 while the Ausie ad in '63.

Here the US ad ran in '60 and the Ausie ad in '64. Americans probably needed to see the distinctive beetle shape to understand the ad while the Ausie's had a better concept of the car and the need for this unique feature due to their terrain.