Do They Exist?

Below are a few ads that I do not actually own an original copy of. The question of the day is "Do they actually exist?"
These images have come from a couple of publications or articles I own but I have not located a source of printing. There are many ads that were printed in extremely obscure locations as well as newspaper only.

If you know where any of these ads came from or have an original copy of one, Please...

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This first one is a dealership ad. Dealership ads are hard to locate to start with, but unlike other dealership ads, this one does not try to 'sell' a franchise. (for other dealership ads, look in Dealerships they are mixed in with local dealer ads for now)

These next two I am thinking some artsy fartsy publication like 'Advertising Age'. Notice there is no 'VW' symbol in the ads unlike published ads. This could just mean they made it available for dealers to use and put their dealer name with logo in that space.

These two may have not made it past the idea stage. I know these are Volkswagen as there are others in this article in this format that did make it to print.
FOUND-see 'parts & service' 1968

Again, most with no 'VW' symbol. My guess would be newspapers. One of them is New York specific and the Kennedy ad would be sweet to find.

FOUND-see 'parts & service' 1968 or 'Dealership' 1967

Ah! Convertibles. Wish I could find these.
FOUND-see American 'Beetle' 1968

Everybody Loves Trucks! Truck ads are unique in that there are a ton of them. (check out 1961!) Many of which I have only found once and in the most obscure locations. They keep popping up. Where are these few from, if anywhere?

Do you know where any of these ads came from or have an original copy of any, if so Please...

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